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A Brief History of the beginning of Chantilly High School

Chantilly High School was built in 1973 and the first graduating class was the class of 1976. If you were a 7th grade student (or as they were called in the hallways, "Sevies") in 1976, that meant if you stayed for the whole 6-year ride you would graduate in 1982.

The original school design was an experimental "open wall" design with half-height partitions separating the classes. This meant if you were sitting in a math class next to a class studying Shakespeare and the latter class was dramatizing one of the Bard's plays, your math class could clearly hear all the lines. It also meant that if one class had a phonograph player blasting out Aerosmith, Abba or some other band, the other classes were being equally entertained. As you might guess, the experimental stage of the school soon ended and full-height partition walls were added. A student could still hear other classes at work, but the sound was muffled by the sound-absorbing materials in the new wall dividers.

(Below) The 1982 Principal Mr William Jackson (photo from the 1982 Charger Yearbook "A Change of Pace")

Principal William Jackson 1982 Chantilly High School

Chantilly High School
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Chantilly High School Class of 1982

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